Standing Committees


Standing Committees of the Board are the engines behind the Society’s work. While our Standing Committees may not require additional members at all times, there are interesting projects and task forces where members can become involved.  Please contact the Committee Chair for further information.

Advocacy & Practice (SCAP)

Chair: Megan Shortreed

Vice-Chairs: Andrew Bernstein and Eric Hoaken


  • Advance the quality and efficiency of the system of justice at all levels of the courts and administrative tribunals
  • Initiate, promote or respond to changes in legislation and regulation
  • Promote the fairest and most accessible determination of litigants’ rights
  • Work to enhance the ability of advocates to act effectively on behalf of their clients, through liaison with the judiciary, government and other stakeholders
  • Promote the independence of the bar and judiciary
  • Consider and recommend interventions, in accordance with the Interventions Policy, to the Board of Directors

For more information about the work of SCAP, click here.

Collegiality, Mentoring & Membership (CMM)

Chair: Peter Kryworuk

Vice-Chairs: Lonny Rosen and Sarah Armstrong


  • Promote membership in the society to the legal profession
  • Recommend membership services
  • Organize and promote collegial events consistent with the society’s mission
  • Facilitate access to mentoring for society members, especially for young advocates

For more information about collegial events, click here.



Chair: Deborah Palter

Vice-Chairs: Sandra Barton and Marie-Andrée Vermette


  • Develop and deliver skills training and CPD-accredited continuing legal education offerings, including ethics, professional responsibility and practice management programs, in accordance with the society’s mission

For more information about the Society’s CPD curriculum, click here.



Chair: Brian Foster

Vice-Chairs: Michelle Awad, Q.C. and J. Kenneth McEwan


  • Serve and strengthen the Society’s membership outside Ontario by bringing our advocacy training, collegiality and mentoring events, and experienced representation and leadership in matters of access to justice, best practices, the bench-and-bar relationship, and professional collegiality, to our colleagues across Canada
  • Develop and implement a Board-approved strategic plan and business plan for the expansion and strengthening of the Society outside Ontario that accords with the Society’s Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan and Priorities
  • Consider staff proposals and to oversee, assist with and participate in the following activities outside Ontario:
  • Education programs and collegiality events to serve (and attract and retain) members
  • Marketing and communication strategies to serve (and attract and retain) members
  • Recruitment of local leaders of the Bar as members of regional advisory committees, as faculty and chairs for TAS or TAS/local programs and events, and as members of practice groups
  • Make recommendations to the Nominating Committee on prospective nominees to the Board from outside Ontario
  • Make recommendations to the Executive Committee and the Board about governance issues regarding membership outside of Ontario, as they arise



Finance and Audit

Chairs: Joseph Markson

Vice-Chairs: Sheldon Hamilton and Eliot Kolers


  • Oversee the administrative and governance aspects of the Society
  • Appoint an Audit Committee to oversee the annual audit of The Advocates’ Society and The Advocates’ Society Foundation
  • Appoint an Investment Committee to oversee the management of surplus revenue and assets in accordance with the Investment Policy Statement
  • Appoint a Finance Committee to oversee and recommend to the Board management budget proposals
  • Appoint ad hoc committees required to oversee matters that arise relating to the administration and governance of the society


Young Advocates’ Standing Committee (YASC)

Chair: Benjamin Kates

Vice-Chair: Victoria Creighton

Secretary: Malik Martin


  • Promote the interests of all current and future junior lawyers ("Young Advocates") who are members in good standing of the Society (ten years post-call or fewer), in a manner that furthers the goals of the Society
  • Be the authoritative voice for Young Advocates within the legal profession
  • Provide Young Advocates with opportunities for mentorship and building professional relationships
  • Provide a dynamic platform for the exchange of ideas impacting Young Advocates
  • Contribute to educational programs for Young Advocates
  • Support the legal and broader community
  • Ensure and practice open, transparent, accessible and accountable governance of YASC

For more information about events and other news for Young Advocates, click here.