Institute for Civility & Professionalism

In 2008, the Honourable Coulter A. Osborne, Q.C., called for a renewed emphasis on civility in his Civil Justice Reform Project: Summary of Findings & Recommendations.

The Advocates’ Society responded by launching its Institute for Civility & Professionalism to provide opportunities for training and mentorship to the legal profession.

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Principles of Civility for Advocates/Principles of Professionalism for Advocates: The Booklet and DVD

In 2000, The Advocates' Society hosted a symposium to focus attention on the issue of civility within the legal profession. The result was a booklet titled Principles of Civility for Advocates.

In 2009, the Society hosted a symposium on professionalism, which produced a second booklet, Principles of Professionalism for Advocates. It was published with an updated version of Principles of Civility for Advocates.   

We also created a DVD, Choosing Civility, which features three vignettes on how to deal with uncivil behaviour from a colleague. Each vignette is accompanied by discussion points designed to stimulate dialogue and reflection and to encourage constructive responses to incivility.

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Best Practices: A Practical Guide to Civility

The Young Advocates' Standing Committee, in conjunction with the Institute for Civility and Professionalism and The Advocates' Society, hosted a Symposium on Civility in February 2012.

Members of the bench, senior bar and junior bar were invited to participate, with the purpose of canvassing the very real problems young counsel may face, and exploring ways in which the bench can assist in changing behaviour.

The result? Real, practical solutions for members of the profession, as well as a guide for judges and masters on how to better deal with obstructive conduct.

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Bibliography on Civility

View our archive of annotated cases as they pertain to the Principles of Civility and Professionalism for Advocates.

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