Young Advocates

Learn. Belong. Give Back.

There’s no better resource for young advocates than The Advocates’ Society. We were purpose-built to help you grow your competencies, your contacts and your confidence. Here’s how we do it:

Skills-Based Education & Mentoring
Our CPD programs are first-rate, offering you year-round opportunities to be a better advocate. Learn from experienced professionals in large- or small-group settings. Tap into specialist knowledge.

A Community of Peers
Make connections – social and professional – with advocates of all ages and experience levels.

Get Involved
Help shape the future of your profession by joining YASC or a Practice Group and getting involved. Write a blog or article. Organize a teleseminar or program. Help run a reception. Pay it forward by sharing what you’ve learned through us with the next generation of young advocates.

Young Advocates' Standing Committee Civility Award 2018

The Advocates' Society Biennial Fall Forum will honour some exceptional young advocates with the YASC awards. Help us celebrate civility in the profession by nominating a TAS member who conducts their practice with honour and treats colleagues and opposing counsel with equal respect.

Criteria for the Civility Award:

  • Candidates must be ten years of call or less and a member in good standing of The Advocates' Society
  • Candidates shall epitomize the Principles of Civility and Professionalism
  • Nominators must be a TAS member ten years of call or less and practise in a different firm or organization from the candidate
Nomination Form.

Young Advocates’ Standing Committee

YASC is the voice for young advocates within the Society and the profession. To learn more about our committee, click here.

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YASC Events

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