How would you change the Principles of Professionalism and Civility for Advocates?

It is a central mandate of The Advocates' Society to foster civility among members of the bar. We believe that civility is essential to the proper functioning of the Canadian judicial system.

The Principles of Professionalism for Advocates and the Principles of Civility for Advocates are a keystone publication of The Advocates' Society. Published in 2001 and updated in 2009, these documents provide guidance to advocates beyond what is found in rules of professional conduct. In 2013, the Young Advocates' Standing Committee published Best Practices to provide practical solutions to counsel facing issues of incivility.

The Advocates' Society is currently revising the Principles and the Best Practices to ensure they apply nationwide and reflect the current realities of practising litigation in Canada.

TAS is seeking our members' feedback and ideas on the following three questions:
  1. What changes to litigation practice in Canada have occurred over the last 20 years that create challenges for the civility and professionalism of advocates?
  2. Have you encountered any common types of incivility or lack of professionalism that you think should be addressed by the Principles or Best Practices?
  3. Are there any changes or improvements you would like TAS to make to existing principles or best practices? (If applicable, please provide a reference to a specific principle or best practice.)
Your feedback will be considered by the Task Force recommending revisions to TAS's Board of Directors in early 2020.

Please fill in the form below to share your thoughts with other members of TAS, or email suggestions directly to Suzanne Amiel, Policy Lawyer, Please provide us with your views by November 11, 2019.

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