The Catzman Award for Professionalism and Civility


Justice CatzmanThe Catzman Award was created in 2008 by the Catzman Family together with The Advocates’ Society and the Chief Justice of Ontario’s Advisory Committee on Professionalism. It’s awarded in memory of the Honourable Marvin A. Catzman of the Court of Appeal for Ontario.

This annual Award recognizes individuals who demonstrate the qualities exemplified by Justice Catzman throughout his distinguished career, including:

  • Knowledge of the law
  • Integrity, fairness and civility
  • Generosity of time and expertise
  • Dedication to the highest ideals of the legal profession through writing and lecturing
  • A commitment to mentorship and/or legal education
The recipient must be a lawyer in good standing with The Law Society of Upper Canada and is not required to be a member of The Advocates’ Society.

We are pleased to announce Tom Curry of Lenczner Slaght is the recipient of the 2018 Catzman Award for Professionalism & Civility.

Tom Curry

The Catzman Award is presented annually by the Chief Justice of Ontario at the Opening of the Courts Ceremony. The Opening of the Courts Ceremony will take place on Thursday, September 13, 2018.
Past Recipients
2009 – Stanley G. Fisher, Q.C.
2010 - Jeffrey S. Leon, LSM
2011 - Bryan A. Carroll and John Norris
2012 - Connie Reeve
2013 - L. David Roebuck & W.A. Derry Millar
2014 - Michal Fairburn
2015 - Samuel S. Marr
2016 - Donald Bayne
2017 - Kenneth Cole
2018 - Tom Curry