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Promoting a collegial and strong bench and bar is what The Advocates’ Society does – and mentoring is one way we do it. Each year TAS offers members a variety of ways to seek advice and support in our adversarial and challenging profession through both group mentoring events and one-to-one connections via our online Mentoring Portal. 


Mentors and Mentees Connect on the TAS Mentoring Portal

We encourage intermediate and senior members to 'Opt-in' on their profile page and make themselves available to our junior members, to lend an ear and offer some support and advice. This portal is for TAS members only and is not intended for members to seek case-specific advice. All members who seek to engage in a mentoring relationship using the Mentoring Portal are asked to read "The Advocates' Society Guide to Mentoring" and, if seeking a more formal mentoring relationship, prepare and sign a Mentoring Agreement. 

Members! Make yourself available as a Mentor on your Member Profile. One simple click and you will appear on the portal. We encourage you to also add some information on your member profile about your area of practice. 

Access the Member-Only TAS Mentoring Portal Here

What is One-to-One Mentoring?

  • One-to-one mentoring can range from an informal coffee chat to a more formal, longer term relationship.
  • Developing a one to one mentoring relationship can offer excellent short or long term support to lawyers of any vintage who have questions to ask.
  • Mentors can be found at formal mentoring programs run by firms, law schools or law societies, or more informal programs like the TAS Mentoring Portal, where members can connect with someone to talk to over coffee.
  • If you are seeking a longer term mentoring relationship, we encourage you to read our Resource Guide for Mentoring, to help you prepare and set some goals.

What is Group Mentoring?

  • Participants can pose questions – and learn from questions posed by their peers – in an open and supportive environment.
  • The social setting promotes diversity and inclusion by demonstrating the wide variety of approaches that can be used to address challenges.
  • Formal group mentoring creates new connections for participants, both with their peers and with their experienced mentors.
  • Some group mentoring offered by The Advocates' Society:

Update Your Member Profile
Your first step in becoming part of our community is to update your member profile and appear on the members-only online directory. There is no better way for your fellow members to find you! Need some help? Our handy guide will help you navigate your member profile so you can get yourself set up.

The Advocates’ Society Guide to Mentoring

The Advocates’ Society is committed to providing effective mentoring to advocates who are in the early stages of their practice.  In addition to our regular mentoring events, we welcome you to read our 2017 publication entitled “The Advocates’ Society Guide to Mentoring.” This resource was developed by a joint CMM/YASC Task Force and provides helpful advice for both mentees and mentors who seek to develop a mentoring relationship, as well as a sample mentoring agreement and information on CPD credits for mentoring across Canada.

The Advocates' Society Guide to Mentoring
CPD & Mentoring Across Canada