National Regional Advisory Committees

National Committees
TAS is committed to serving advocates across Canada. And as we continue to grow our national membership, we could not do what we do without the incredible efforts of our Regional Advisory Committees (RACs) who are dedicated to serving litigators in their region with advocacy and justice sector efforts, exceptional advocacy CLE and collegial events for the bench and bar. We currently have four RACs established, representing seven Canadian provinces.

Our national reps sit on various TAS Committees, including the TAS Board, the National Standing Committee, the Young Advocates' Standing Committee and 10+ Standing Committee, as well as various special task forces.

Learn more about the members of our RACS and the work they do to support advocates in their regions:

Alberta Regional Advisory Committee
Atlantic Regional Advisory Committee
British Columbia Regional Advisory Committee
Québec Regional Advisory Committee | Comité consultatif régional 2020/21 pour le Québec