The Advocates’ Society Medal


The Advocates’ Society Medal is the highest expression of esteem that the Society can convey to one of its members. It is intended to honour those who have demonstrated clearly their pre-eminence as counsel and who are acknowledged unequivocally as leaders of the bar, who have been dedicated and active members of The Advocates' Society, and who have made a significant contribution to the profession of law and to the well-being of the community at large.


Bryan Finlay, Q.C.      Bryan Finlay and Brian Gover

The Advocates' Society is proud to announce that Bryan Finlay, Q.C. of WeirFoulds LLP will be honoured with The  Advocates' Society Medal. The Medal was presented to Mr. Finlay at a special dinner on February 12, 2019.

Past Recipients

1974 - Joseph Sedgwick, Q.C.
1975 - Arthur E. Maloney, Q.C.
1976 - John J. Robinette, Q.C.
1977 - Isadore Levinter, Q.C.
1980 - Walter B. Williston, Q.C.
1983 - Brendan O'Brien, Q.C.
1985 - Douglas K. Laidlaw, Q.C., posthumously
1987 - The Honourable John D. Arnup, Q.C.
1988 - The Honourable G.Arthur Martin, Q.C.
1990 - Charles F. McKeon, Q.C.
1995 - John P. Nelligan, Q.C.
1996 - Earl A. Cherniak, Q.C.
1999 - David W. Scott, Q.C.
1999 - Kenneth E. Howie, Q.C.
2003 - C. Scott Ritchie, Q.C.
2003 - The Honourable Justice Eleanore A. Cronk
2006 - Austin M. Cooper, Q.C.
2008 - Sheila R. Block
2008 - Kristopher H. Knutsen, Q.C.
2009 - Edward L. Greenspan, Q.C.
2010 - Ronald G. Slaght, Q.C.
2011 - The Honourable W. Ian C. Binnie
2012 - Marlys Edwardh, C.M., LSM
2013 - The Honourable Associate Chief Justice Dennis O'Connor
2014 - Philippa G. Samworth
2016 - James C. Simmons, Q.C.
2017 - Stephen Grant, LSM