TAS Concerned about Changes to Nova Scotia Judicial Appointment Process

Posted on February 2, 2022

On February 2, 2022, The Advocates’ Society wrote to the Honourable Brad Johns, Nova Scotia’s Minister of Justice, to express its concern that recent changes to the Provincial Judicial Appointments Guidelines could negatively impact judicial independence and public confidence in the justice system. The Advocates’ Society called upon the government to suspend and reconsider the changes pending consultation and further study.

The Advocates’ Society raised concerns about:


  • the potential impact of the changes on the independence of the standing Advisory Committee on Provincial Judicial Appointments and the confidentiality of its process for evaluating and recommending judges for appointment to the Nova Scotia Provincial Court;
  • the government’s failure to consult with stakeholders in the justice system regarding the changes, including associations that represent equity-seeking groups in the legal community; and
  • the lack of notice of the changes, which came into effect immediately.

Read The Advocates’ Society’s letter to the Minister, dated February 2, 2022, here.